“Awesome” Darwin tee-shirt

OK, I want a Darwin “Origin of Species” T-Shirt with the text in black type, please…!! This is pretty cool…

Why Evolution Is True

How would you like to wear about 40,000 words of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, along with a picture of the great man (and a chimp), also formed of his words? If so, you can get this nice tee-shirt from Litographs for only $34. Here’s the front:


and the back:darwin-tee-7_1024x1024

The process:

Every Litographs t-shirt is created entirely from the text of a classic book, and is hand-pressed to order in Cambridge, MA.

Our shirts are printed via all-over dye sublimation, which means that the design – the text from each book – covers every inch. Of all the printing methods we’ve tested, dye sublimation stands out for its resolution, comfort, and durability.

Because the collar and seams are thicker than the body of the shirt, some blurring of text in those areas is unavoidable. You may also notice a few small, white voids under the arms, which are not…

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