Let accommodationism blossom: Mayim Bialik reconciles science and religion

I always appreciate the opinion of Jerry Coyne, as his books and views are among the most “rational” out there. Being a fan of “The Big Bang Theory” show and having intellectual respect for Mayim Bialik, I found this blog interesting and insightful enough to re-blog for you. I vehemently agree with Coyne on this one… smart people should NOT believe in religion or God.

What do you think?
-The Reasonable Ranter

Why Evolution Is True

If you’re my age, you might remember Mayim Bialik as the star of the 1990s television show “Blossom.” Now, I’m told, she plays the role of a neuroscientist on another t.v. show I haven’t watched, “The Big Bang Theory.” But she really is trained in neuroscience: she got her Ph.D. in that field from UCLA, though she doesn’t currently do research or have an academic career. She continues to act, write books, and run her website Grok Nation.

Bialik is clearly a smart, high-achieving woman, but she’s also an accommodationist (she’s a “neo-Orthodox” Jew). In this short video, she explains how she reconciles her penchant for science with her faith:

Putting aside the question about whether someone with a Ph.D. who doesn’t do science is really a “scientist” (I no longer call myself a scientist, but an ex-scientist who sings with the choir invisible), this is still problematic—as all accommodationism is. For…

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