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A map of the Universe

If you didn’t feel small before, you will after this…

Why Evolution Is True

This video is self-explanatory, but when I first watched it a question came immediately to mind: how come the superfluity of stars that serve no obvious purpose if you think this is all God’s creation? Since we can’t see most of these by eye, why did God make them in the first place? Or are they providing light for God-created species living on other planets?

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Michael Shermer » At the Boundary of Knowledge

Do we know enough to know that paranormal forces such as ESP, or supernatural agents like God, cannot exist? In his September 2016 ‘Skeptic’ column for Scientific American, Michael Shermer reminds us why we mustn’t be tempted to inject paranormal and supernatural forces to explain hitherto unsolved mysteries.

Source: Michael Shermer » At the Boundary of Knowledge