About Me

HANCOCK - Not wrong

My name is Darren Hancock, and I live in Ontario Canada. By day I am an “EEG/Sleep Technical Support Specialist” for a prominent Neurology company, and by night I am the frontman for a live Country band simply called “The Darren Hancock Band” (http://www.darrenhancock.com), singing and picking guitar to live audiences in the Honky Tonks of Southern Ontario. In my spare time I enjoy pencil sketching, and reading Non-fiction books about science, cosmology, physics and the natural world. The more I learn, the more I conclude there is no need for a God or gods, and religion is a man-made by-product that naturally evolved to comfort  us humans about death and provide unfounded answers to questions of the unknown (most of which we now KNOW through the scientific method).

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One response to “About Me”

  1. khalid says :

    you turn interested to me..am too deeply connected to physics and have same religious ideas as yours but am living in a dangerous pakistani society

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